Annapolis Commissioning Week Helicopter Tours

Location: Monumental Helicopters

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May 19
May 26
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Annapolis Commissioning Week Helicopter Tours

Come celebrate the USNA class of 2017 and check out the festivities from the air. Celebrate this big event in a monumental unforgettable helicopter tour. We will Explore City Dock and watch the yachts come and go from the famed Ego Alley. We’ll tour the United States Naval Academy, ‘sail’ past Navy Stadium, and the Maryland Capitol Dome. It’s the best way we know to take in the beautiful historic city of Annapolis. 

This Event is Brought to You By U.S. Naval Academy Athletic Association

The Naval Academy Athletic Association, founded in 1891 by Robert Means Thompson, is a 501C3 nonprofit organization whose objective is to "promote, influence, and assist in financing the athletic contests of the midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy" in accordance with the policy of the Superintendent of the Academy. Through an intercollegiate athletic program that is one of the largest in the country, and a highly organized club sports program and intramural sports program, each midshipman, male and female, is afforded the opportunity to compete in athletics at a level commensurate with his or her abilities. The emphasis on physical fitness is borne out in the first line of the mission of the Naval Academy: To develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically.