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Ekaa, Hands that Create

68 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401
(631) 455-1991

About Ekaa, Hands that Create

Ekaa, Hands that Create

Authentic, Upscale, Unique: traditionally hand-crafted colorful assortment of tapestry, quilts, shawls, jackets, tunics, skirts, jewelry created using the finest raw materials such as silk, pashmina, merino wool, sterling silver, gemstones. Made in India. Ekaa, Inc., Ekaa, Hands that Create is a USA based retailer & wholesaler of hand-crafted, hand-woven, hand-embroidered home and fashion accessories. Our product is made by natives, tribal, artisans and craftsmen. We do not interfere with the tribal art form or the traditional techniques with which the product is made. Our strength lies in simply directing the production towards colors and flavors appealing to the West. We exert quality controls; support Eco-friendly production process and use of recyclable materials. By promoting handmade we do our little bit toward keeping the culture of hand-crafting alive.



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