Advertising & Promotion DepartmentIn addition to our ongoing digital, radio, and print advertising that is placed throughout the year, we launched a special holiday campaign. Utilizing a custom designed logo entitled “Historic Holidays” we promoted our November/December events. A special “holiday’ video featuring the Chocolate Binge Festival, Midnight Madness, and the Military Bowl was placed on Facebook and YouTube throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We also created a Sweepstakes campaign with the Annapolis Downtown Partnership to assist with the Promotion of Midnight Madness. Along with our social and digital placements, this 3-week campaign was supported by  radio placements in Baltimore and Washington. We received over 900 entries with a Grand Prize winner visiting Annapolis in the near future from North Carolina.Website EngagementOur three new blog microsites geared to foodie, historian and explorer travelers to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County have been receiving much attention and providing a dramatic change in visitor demographics. 65 to 75 percent of our viewers are in the 18 to 44 age group; a great sign for the premise of the creation of these niche blog sites. They have also received attention from two organizations. We were awarded the 2016 Heritage Tourism Product Award from the Four Rivers Heritage Area for our blog site and the Visit Maryland Award from The Maryland Office of Tourism Development for all three blog sites under Analytics,,, and Blog Sites                                                                                                                            Group SalesThe sales department confirmed 28,458 total rooms nights YTD in Anne Arundel County.


VAAAC Unique Venue & Crab Feast Meeting Planner FAM | BWI/Arundel Mills Meeting Planner FAM


Connect Faith | Cvent Elite Meetings Alliance | Historic London Town & Gardens Bridal Show USSSA National Conference | Mid Atlantic ASAE (MASAE) Annual Conference | Loews Holiday Client Event


Maniac Book Extravaganza - 2018 (150 Total Room Nights) | Christian Association of Psychological Studies - 2018 (700+ Total Room Nights | Arch Insurance Group’s Annual Management Operating Team Meeting - 2017 (243 Total Room Nights) | Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations - 2019 (530 Total Room Nights)


Campbell & Company, 5-Star Life Insurance Company, National PACE Association, American Moving & Storage Association, International & American Associations for Dental Research, National Wooden Pallet and Container Association


The VAAAC Group Sales assisted 1 reunion and 4 conferences with varying requests for assistance for securing venues, obtaining visitor guides, and finding activities for their groups.


VAAAC Winter Meeting Planner Luncheon | VAAAC 5th Annual Sport Night | RCMA Emerge | DMAI Destination Showcase | NASC Sports Symposium

Quarterly Booking Comparison - 2015 vs. 2016

Oct – Dec   2015 Oct – Dec 2016 YTD FY 15 YTD FY 16
Rooms 11,117 10,133 $33,327 34,468
  Oct - Dec 2015 vs. 2016  YTD - FY 15 vs. FY 16
Variance -8.85% +3.42%

Public Relations & Communications Hosted Ventre Magazine journalist on a December press trip. Secured nationwide exposure for the Eastport Yacht Club’s Lighted Boats Parade on the CBS This Morning Show. Created itineraries for International Pow Wow’s (IPW) Pre-FAM of Annapolis (June 2), an IPW Annapolis sightseeing tour (June 3), and an IPW Post-FAM (June 10-11).

Assisted an additional 48 journalists, including representatives from ABC News New York, NBC Washington, NBC Universal, Travel & Leisure, USA Today, Washington Post, Thrillist,, Jet Set, Trip Jaunt (Canadian), and French publications: Washington Essential travel guide to DC and Horizon Magazine.

FY 2017 2Q MEDIA COVERAGE YIELDED: media coverage yielded

  • 1,033 mentions
  • reached an audience of more than 1.2-billion
  • publicity value of nearly $417,000

Request for Visitor InformationVisitor Count & Brochure Fulfillment 

Visitor Count Brochure Fulfillment
Oct - Dec FY 17 29,205 4,487
Oct - Dec FY 16 27,859 9,478
FYTD 17 111,530 22,780
FYTD 16 111,689 26,565

Members & PartnersVisitor Count & Brochure Fulfillment 

Oct - Dec 2015 Oct - Dec 2016
New Members 6 8
Total Members 375 370
New Partners 6 10
Total Partners 284 278

Mobile Apps

App Users

AnnapolisNOW Users  (Oct 1 – Dec 31)

  • Total Users as of Dec 31: 6,109
  • New Users: 110
  • Increase in Users: 1.8%

Annapolis Driving Tour Users  (Oct 1 – Dec 31)

  • Total Users as of Dec 31: 46
  • New Users: 39
  • Increase in Users: 1.7%

* (relaunched in September 2016)Social Media

Social Community Growth

Our social media platforms continued creating additional engagement over the quarter.

October 1, 2016 December 31, 2016 Growth
Facebook 39,729 40,274 2.5%
Instagram 7,252 8,269 14%
Twitter 8,663 8,871 2.4%