The sweet smell of flowers and a bright, sunny day are easy to take for granted. However, these freedoms are only awarded to us because of the sacrifices made by those who serve to protect us. A visit to the World War II Memorial not only gives you a breathtaking view of the Naval Academy and the Severn River, but is a beautiful and solemn reminder of the price of liberty.

WWII MemorialThis epic time in the world history touched generations in such a relatively short time ago, most visitors can relate some personal story to the Memorial. I wandered to the engraved map of the Pacific, where my grandfather served as a Merchant Marine, and where his brother – a fighter pilot – went missing in action when he was shot down over Burma.

The monument contains passages of history to inform visitors of Maryland’s role in the War, and the surrounding granite slabs reflect the names of 6,454 Marylanders who lost their lives. A stone of remembrance for Pearl Harbor reminds us to “Keep America Alert.” Exquisite attention to detail and design of the natural and manmade make the monument a truly majestic space for reflection.



Illustrations by Lindsay Bolin Lowery