Harry Browne’s

Nothing says “classic cocktail” like a dirty martini, at least in my book. You may like it “dusty” with just a touch of olive juice, or if you’re like me “filthy” with enough olive juice content to make it questionably alcoholic. (Mmm.. taste the ocean.)

Annapolis Cocktails Photo courtesy of the author.

Harry Browne's has blue cheese stuffed olives to fulfill your dirty martini dreams and they even provided the excess liquid gold on the side for mine. It was like two drinks in one with a tasty snack to boot. It all went down rather smoothly along with the fading sunset and genial view of State Circle.

Whatever your preference (I happen to be a Ketel One girl myself) Harry Browne’s does not disappoint with their extra cold, extra shaken not-so-tinis; perfect for the rising temperatures on the horizon.

Dry 85

Listed under “Prohibition Cocktails” in their 20-page Bourbon and Beer menu you’ll find an Old Fashioned that is straight to the point. Made with rye whiskey, muddled lemon, angostura bitters, and an orange peel it’s just the right amount of sweet and bitter.

Upon my visit, Ethan the bartender on the duty put the necessary ingredients in a glass beaker and sat it next to an ice globe beckoning in its low ball glass. He poured the contents over the frozen sphere and adorned it with a rather generous slab of curled orange peel.

Photo courtesy of the author.

The ice globe is key here because it makes the cocktail cold but doesn’t melt the ice as fast as a normal ice cube due to the lack of surface area. In other words, your delectable drink is made to open up its flavors at the slowest rate while cooling it at the quickest rate.

For obvious reasons, I’ll be coming back to Dry 85 for the Dilly Dilly. Aside from the catchy name I’m into the idea of a fun tequila-based cocktail paired with such unique companions as kiwi, dill, fresh grapefruit juice, lime, and topped with a housemade cucumber ginger foam.


Annapolis Cocktails Photo courtesy of the author.

This next stop is the first on my list when it comes to one thing and one thing only: coffee shooters. Castlebay has this pick me up and knock me out beverage down to a science. Brown sugar, Clontarf Irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, and housemade whipped cream are all you need to get your night going or finish your night right. You can also find Karaoke here every Sunday, just remember a shot of liquid courage never hurts.