In 2017, I was invited to join as the new partner and co-owner of ArtFarm Annapolis. Co-Founder, Stacy Turner was shifting her career focus to creating art full-time. Her and co-founder, Alison Harbaugh, invited me to coffee and asked if I would like to become Alison’s new partner. My instant gut reaction was “YES!” There was no plan, no savings in the bank, just a desire to join this space - a space solely dedicated to education and support of the arts in Annapolis, Maryland. I signed the lease and moved into 45 West Street in downtown Annapolis. Alison and I started a Google Doc that outlined all of the ideas we had as new partners. This Google Doc became the foundation of our plans and ideas of what we wanted to bring to the Annapolis arts scene. 

ArtFarm Studios

Earlier this year, we ran into a few issues and realized it was time for a larger space. After visiting many potential new homes, we landed on an unconventional, but perfect space in the Annapolis Design District. Located at 111 Chinquapin Round Rd. (Suite 200), we moved into an empty shell!

ArtFarm Studios

Tall ceilings, perfectly unfinished floors, and three times the space!! WOO-HOO! Our anxiety about moving away from the excitement of Upper West Street quickly disappeared when we realized that the Google Doc of ideas now had space to come to life!

ArtFarm Studios

A new excitement set in. Along with Charles Lawrance of FINART Studio and Malcolm McFadden of Studio SixFifteen, we are able to create collaborative art and workspace for local creatives. The Design District ended up being the best place we could settle. 

ArtFarm Studios

“It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later!” 

This post is the 13th video blog that I have shot as the Arts Ambassador for Annapolis Discovered. It is also my last(ish) blog for Annapolis Discovered. I have had the pleasure of shooting 13 video blogs about three things I enjoy the most - the arts, community, and my city - Annapolis, MD. Blogging about the Annapolis arts scene has been near and dear to my heart. Annapolis has been my home since I was 5 years old. I took my first art classes here, found my first inspiration here, and grew into the creative being I am today here. I am grateful for my little-big town and all of the art that comes from it. 

ArtFarm Studios

So, what now? I’m going to continue being the Principal & Creative Director of Symmetry Agency, the co-owner of ArtFarm Studios, the Director of Annapolis Arts Week, and champion of the arts. This blog has given me such a wonderful glimpse into the lives of our local artists and I plan to carry that with me. 

So… to quote my video sign-offs for the last time:

This is Darin with Annapolis Discovered, thank you for being a part of this journey!

👋🏾👋🏾Bye Bye!

With love, gratefulness, and a warmed heart,

Darin :)