Like an aesthetic fingerprint, every art collection is unique. Consider it a visual timeline documenting our encounters with people, places, and things that struck a chord with us along the way.

I’ve always found it particularly interesting to see the art collections of artists. What inspires the inspired?

As a part of an ongoing series, “Artists Collect Art”, local artists are sharing the artwork that they surround themselves with in their own creative spaces. See some of their favorite pieces below.

Stephanie Baker

Artists Collect Art Snowball by Lindsay Bolin Lowery

An acclaimed artist throughout Annapolis, as well as Baltimore and the Eastern Shore,  Baker's dreamy caustics and carefully,  painted surreal still-life subjects are nothing short of entrancing.

Artists Collect Art Photographs by Mary Ella Jourdak

She is known to lend her hand with large-scale mural projects such as the Starry Night mirrored mosaics adorning the American Visionary Art Museum, as well as the Anthem House mural on Key Highway with Jeff “JahRu” Huntington.   

See more of her work on Instagram: @yesbaker 

Artist Collect Art Nina Simone by Jeff Huntington, Free motion stitch of Burger and Gun by Melissa Cromwell

I collect from people I’m close with and it’s definitely a [greatly anticipated] growing collection.

Jen Sterling

Artists Collect Art Abstract Face from Puerto Rico

Sterling is a prolific painter of striking large-scale abstracts, as well as lead designer for her company Red Thinking. Jen has an upcoming solo show at Annapolis City Hall with a kick-off reception July 8, 5:30–7:30pm.

Artists Collect Art Hypodermic painted asymmetrical landscape

She also has work included in Maryland Hall’s Weather on the Water exhibit, as well as the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County’s Bright Colors of Spring exhibit.

See more of her work on Instagram: @jensterlingart 

Artists Collect Art Fiber Stitched Puffins - Joanne Strehle Bast, Annapolis, MD

I tend to buy a piece of art from each place I travel to as a memory.

Anthony “Ant” LaVorgna

By Joe Karr

Chances are you’ve seen LaVorgna's robot sculptures or celestial starscapes on exhibit around town - he's a local artist known for his contemporary illustrative style. He just finished up a show at 49 West Coffeehouse and is an active member of Annapolis Arts Alliance.

Omar Said

Follow his work at @anthillant on Instagram

Jeff Huntington and FHN

Each one of them called to me, and I think after knowing each of these artists well, and through them becoming friends I find continued inspiration when I look at these.