Well, why not?

A few years ago when the bacon craze hit, I thought, "Well there's a great idea!” Bacon absolutely can be incorporated into any food from soup to nuts....think jalapeños and bacon cream of crab soup or smoked bacon flavored almonds. Locally, there are several places that support bacon enthusiasts. Dry 85, on Main Street in Annapolis, known for its Bourbon and Craft Beer, caters to Bacon lovers through their Sunday Bacon Brunch.

When the weather starts to cool, my preference turns from dock bars to something cozier, and Dry 85 is wonderfully cozy. Its dark wood interior and attractive bar create an understated, classy, yet quite comfortable ambiance. Although it is definitely a bar and it was before noon, the setting worked well for brunch on the first cool Sunday of fall.

Having breakfasted here once before, I knew I wanted to start with a Bacon Bloody Mary. Made from Bakon Vodka with a Spicy Bacon Salt rim and a Slice of Candied Bacon, this Bloody is fantastic with a decent hot kick. It is worth forgetting your Sunday best table manners to lick off every last speck of the Spicy Bacon Salt (Which I’m told they purchase from The Spice and Tea Exchange down the street). On my next visit, I can't wait to try another of the specialty brunch drinks dubbed the "French Toast." Crown Royal Maple, RumChata and Cream over ice with a Cinnamon Sprinkle. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

From the breakfast menu, my dining companion chose the Eggs Benedict. He enjoyed the bacon Hollandaise sauce and prosciutto, but it was the fried green tomato slices on which the eggs were served, in lieu of a traditional English muffin, that turned it into an especially tasty version of this popular brunch item.

In the mood for French toast, I hoped the Stuffed Gypsy Toast wouldn't be too sweet. No worries. The cream cheese/strawberry stuffing was a thin spread that added a lovely flavor without being too rich and the bread was delightfully light and absolutely fabulous. Somehow my order was accidentally put in twice and a second serving was brought to our table. It was soooo tempting to take this, but thinking of the extra couple of workouts I would need to do if I doubled up, I regretfully said, "No thank you."

Dry 85 has been named one of the top Bourbon Bars in America by the Bourbon Review. In the evening, you'll find a lively crowd sampling the many fine bourbons, liquors and craft beers from an extensive drink menu. Bacon lovers should check it out on Sunday mornings.

Photos courtesy of Natalie Spong