Jeff Schaub Jeff Schaub

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Annapolis” and “art” in the same sentence? You are in the majority if your first thought went to paintings of boats and waterways. While the art scene in Annapolis has now grown and expanded to include all genres of high quality contemporary art, there is a rich history that gave rise to what is now one of the top two marine art galleries in the country; the other being in Mystic, Conn.

If you are a marine art enthusiast, you will recognize the names of some of the artists that the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery represents—John Barber, Willard Bond, John Stobart and more—and perhaps you’ve visited the gallery that has been open in its current City Dock location for 37 years.

How and why does one become a marine art enthusiast? I sat down with Jeff Schaub, owner of the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery since 1998, thinking he is the right person to shed light on the inside scoop of marine art… what it is; who buys it, and why it is so popular. I was right, and I’m happy to share:

John Stoburt's "Great Bankers" John Stoburt's "Great Bankers"