Once a year, St. John's College plays host to the biggest croquet match around: The Annapolis Cup. Now in its 34th year, the rivalry pits the croquet team from St. John’s College against that of the United States Naval Academy. This lavish lawn event brings to St. John's College huge crowds ready to clink glasses on their picnic blankets and swing dance to a live brass band. This year’s Annapolis Cup, to be held on Saturday April 16, promises to live up to the tradition’s fun, festive atmosphere. Even if you know nothing about croquet, you won't want to miss the high fashion on full display at this fabulous spring lawn party.

Although the match is the focus of the event, the spectators are equally entertaining, given their diverse fashion attire. Just imagine being apart of the Roaring Twenties at one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties. With the crowd and atmosphere dressing the part, it allows the cultural social era to make a comeback in present-day Annapolis.

Last year, fashion choices varied. I glimpsed late 1900’s Victorian costume wear, 1920’s Edwardian classics, contemporary preppy, and outlandish non-traditional ensembles. Women could be seen with their over-sized decorative hats and spring dresses while men donned three piece suits and bow ties.

Who would think that this Annapolis social event would easily become the most anticipated fashion show of the year for our town? As you can see from the pictures, that’s precisely what has happened. Enjoy the eye candy.

Photos courtesy of Jazmine Turner Petty