“Things” are often more than mere objects purchased, used, and passed on; they’re memories and life stories waiting to be shared. At Evergreen Antiques & True Vintage (69 Maryland Avenue) – a quaint shop located in the Annapolis Boutique District – Joanna Young shares “all loved things” with the community.

Evergreen Antiques

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Joanna at her store where she introduced me to her collections of art pieces, furniture, 1900s clothing, old photographs, home decor and much, much more. While many of the retail items come from local donors, some also come from abroad and require a bit of research to estimate a time period and value. Joanna pointed out a livery cupboard, for example, located by the window in her storeroom. The piece came from overseas and per its intricate designs and good condition, she was able to confirm that it is a true 16th century English piece from 1554, making it quite special to have in-store. "Every day is moving day,” Joanna explained, referring to the quantity and variety of items collected, and frequency of visitors (whether shoppers or donors). “You will find things you will find nowhere else,” she elaborated.

Evergreen Antiques

Evergreen’s story began several years ago with its first owner, Mary Jo Murray. In the early 2000s, Maryland Avenue was often referred to as Antiques Alley, making it the perfect location for Mary Jo to bring and share her love for history and the rediscovery of special things. She established the shop as a prominent and welcoming location for those living in and exploring the area, so it was no surprise that the community was greatly saddened to hear about Evergreen Antiques’ closing after 17 years of business.

Having spent much time on Maryland Avenue and holding fond memories of Evergreen as a young woman, Joanna was also affected by the news. She quickly reached out to Mary Jo, curious to speak about what opportunities lay ahead.

Today, over two years later, Joanna has succeeded in maintaining this treasure chest of a boutique and continuing its legacy in the Annapolis community. Her neighborly shop-owners and regular visitors know Joanna by name, and frequently stop in for a chat and to see what new donations have stocked the rooms at Evergreen Antiques. The shop is home to many special items – all with stories to tell – and new memories to be made. If you’re ever in the area and interested in history and antiques, Evergreen Antiques & True Vintage is a unique, fun, and worthwhile boutique to visit!


Images courtesy of Melissa Kuhta