Last Sunday, I spent my afternoon at Ka Chunk Records on Maryland Avenue, in Downtown Annapolis.

Offering records, movies and comics for sale, Ka Chunk is one of my favorite spots in downtown Annapolis. I walked in and spotted a familiar face. Joe Martin of local band 3rd Grad Friends and music management at Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge was working behind the counter. While talking to Joe, the record player in the background caught my ear. Rick James, ‘Throwing Down’, was flowing through the speakers. Where could I find this gem?

Joe pointed me towards the dollar bin where records range from $1 to $5. After looking through the bin and finding a few keepers, I searched the store more and couldn’t help but notice how diverse the selection was. You can find everything from rock to hip-hop, jazz and soul, and much more here.

Ka Chunk has a great atmosphere that puts you in the mood to lay back and let your favorite records spin. It’s always a great experience and I walked away with some cool records, a dope comic book and an overall good feeling. Maryland Ave is a great street to explore. After leaving Ka Chunk Records, you can hit one of the antique shops, bookstores or retail shops along the street and if you’re hungry, pop into Galway Bay for a lunch or dinner that won’t disappoint.


Photos courtesy of Malcolm McFadden