Karin Best Karin Best

Casting organic material (from crabs to barnacles and everything in between) into silver jewelry, Annapolis-based artist Karin Best makes some of the city's most unique, personalized, head-turning pieces – most of which are inspired by the things she sees every day in Annapolis. Drawing from nature, the Scandinavian-born jewelry sculptor merges traditional jewelry-making techniques and a free-flowing creative process to produce sterling silver jewelry accented with uncut and faceted gems. Best loves the free- flowing process of making jewelry, describing her work as a contrast between polished, smooth, sleek lines and rough, uncut, organic textures, her inspiration coming from what she sees and encounters in nature.

Originally from Sweden, the Annapolis-based artist attended middle school in South Africa where she first developed an interest in art.  She then went to Central Michigan University where she studied dietetics, later giving up her profession as a dietitian to pursue her creative passion. She found her home here in Annapolis, where she met her husband Chris, a local plein air artist.

We caught up with Karin in her home studio to discuss her techniques, her passions, and her love for Annapolis.