Be Part of the Solution

There are more ways we can help keep plastic out of our local waterways and oceans besides nixing plastic water bottles and instead opting for a reusable bottle.

According a 2018 article in Scientific American, eight million metric tons of plastic wind up in oceans every year. A recent study estimates that more than a quarter of all that waste could be pouring in from just 10 rivers, eight of them in Asia. Although neither the Chesapeake nor its tributaries made the list, it’s worth noting that what we dispose of here at home could very well end up lining our shorelines and eventually drift to a resting spot in the ocean.

So, besides the low-hanging fruit of eliminating single use plastic bottles—one of the biggest offenders of plastic pollution—we may as well go a step further and cut out as many single-use plastic items as possible.

Straws: the symbol of waste

It seems like overnight straws have become the primary target of environmental organizations; anti-straw campaigns have sprung up everywhere, with many municipalities and major national companies (Starbucks, American Airlines, Marriott Hotels) phasing them out. The thing is, straws contribute a fairly small portion of our planet’s plastic waste, when compared to plastic bottles and wrappers.

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