Anyone’s who’s spent time on West Street is doubtless familiar with Rams Head Tavern, a beloved watering hole for downtown-goers interested in live music and an enormous beer selection. But what option is there for the weary commuter? Where can a traveler stop to grab a bite and quench their thirst if they can’t quite make it into town? Thankfully, the Rams Head Group thought of this, and on the fringes of Annapolis gave us the Rams Head Roadhouse (1773 Generals Highway, Annapolis, MD).

Rams Head Roadhouse

From the long stretch of Generals Highway on which its located, the Roadhouse materializes like a mirage. I pass by this site twice a day, and I must say that after a long day at work, seeing it has very much the same effect as seeing an oasis in the desert. A large, welcoming parking lot in the front (with two chances to enter, I might note) and an auxiliary lot in the back portend ample seating inside. As the days get shorter, patio heaters blaze on the deck—torches that sing, “We’re open, and we have a beer for you.”

Rams Head Roadhouse Sesame ahi tuna steak, rare, with pickled ginger and seaweed salad: $6.00 during happy hour.

Actually, they have about 160 beers for you. With its deep ties to Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company, the Roadhouse has a house draft menu to choose from and beer release parties with extra drink and merch deals when the Roadhouse cracks a new cask from the brewery. (The next beer release is December 6!) During happy hour, which runs 3pm till 7pm, Monday through Friday, domestic bottles are $2.50 a pop, followed closely by draft beers at $3.00. Want your beer at happy hour prices all the time? Consider joining the Rams Head World Beer Club. Valid at any Rams Head location, members strive to try all 150 bottled beers from around the globe and get perks along the way. After reaching 100, enjoy happy hour prices on draft beers, whether it’s happy hour or not!

Rams Head Roadhouse A pound of mussels, steamed in Fordham Copperhead Ale: only $5.25 during happy hour.

For the adventurous, try one of their signature beer cocktails—classic cocktail recipes jazzed up with one of their house drafts. A list of these can be found on their full beverage menu. Don’t worry—if it was your beer-lovin’ friend’s turn to pick the bar and that’s not quite your speed, happy hour also includes $2.00 off wine and liquor, as well as half-priced appetizers. The starter menu satisfies a range of palates, offering pub favorites like loaded nachos and chicken wings, sophisticated apps like mussels and seared ahi tuna, and, of course, crab dip. They’ll even do you one better with their “Crabby Tots” starter: a huge plate of tater tots topped with crab dip, Old Bay, and melted cheese. The most expensive appetizer is $12.95 at regular price, bringing the happy hour price down below $6.50.

Rams Head Roadhouse Crabby Tots: $6.48 at happy hour. Just look at that crab meat!

If you need a fun, friendly place to unwind at the end of your day, take a quick hop off the highway and stop by Rams Head Roadhouse for happy hour. True to their motto, they’ve got food, they’ve got fun, and they’ve got—a lot of—beer.


Images courtesy of Leslie Howard-Goddard