What do you think of when you hear the word “ceramics”?  Bowls, plates—lamps, perhaps?  No matter what comes to mind, I doubt you have conjured up images of the amazing clay sculptures produced by Maryland Hall Artist in Residence, Lindsay Pichaske.

I first met Lindsay when we became Artists In Residence (AIRs) at the same time, a little over two years ago. She is always on the go, and since I have known her she has consistently produced pieces she ships off to the galleries that show and sell her work, both in Chicago and at Miami Basel. Meanwhile, she also travels north to teach at the esteemed Maryland Institute College of Art, or MICA, and south to teach at the College of Southern Maryland in LaPlata. And recently, she gave birth to the now 18-month old Max, who is beloved by all the AIRs.

From the start, I could tell Lindsay was a well-established and very focused artist, and I immediately fell in love with her work. Each life-size animal she creates possesses an amazing presence, whether it is an immense orangutan or a graceful and elegant deer-like creature. But I don’t want to describe her work; it is best to hear it in her own words and to learn from her how it all began.