Growing up in Annapolis, I've acquired a love for history and maritime culture. Through my travels in and around major cities, I have also fallen in love with outdoor murals and public art. I am happy to say that Annapolis now reflects and shows off all of these that I love; history, maritime culture, and public art. They intermix and play off of each other in a beautiful way. One does not take from the other, but join together to form an illustration of our wonderful city. Roberta Pardo and her company, Urban Walls Brazil, is partially responsible for the surge of outdoor murals and street art in and around our city.

Roberta Pardo, courtesy of Urban Walls Brazil

Urban Walls Brazil is the brainchild of art lover, Roberta Pardo. Born out of a traveling exhibition that made its way to Washington D.C., NYC, Annapolis and Sao Paulo, Urban Walls Brazil has grown into an ongoing Urban Art project that has unlimited potential.

Through murals and workshops, Urban Walls Brazil creates an exchange between cultures and opens the market between the United States and Brazil. Roberta houses the Brazilian artists through her residency program, where they are able to interact with local artists and work on community art projects.

Roberta Pardo

What's truly remarkable about Roberta Pardo and her efforts, is the heart and collaboration included in each piece. By collaborating with organizations and members of our local community, Urban Walls Brazil reaches a new audience with each mural, and opens the minds of young and up-and-coming creatives. Urban Walls Brazil, along with counterparts Future History Now, have both brought a splash of wonder to our city of Annapolis and shown how art can not only span, but connect cultures.


Video courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image. Images courtesy of Patrick McNamara and Urban Walls Brazil.