If there is one thing you should know about Annapolis photographer, Jay Fleming, it's that he will do just about anything to get the right shot. Even if it means paddling out miles, in open water, at the perfect time of day to get the proper lighting at the proper angle. In short, he'll stop at nothing to get the perfect shot.

His work ethic, professionalism, and full body of work speaks for itself. Dedicated to showing life along the Chesapeake Bay, Jay’s work has become a fixture in and around Annapolis, MD.

Jay Fleming

Late in August, the Annapolis Discovered crew and I took the time to visit his office in downtown Annapolis, view his work, and talk shop. Outside of the beautiful prints that hang on the wall and the super efficient large format printer that produces these prints, the stand out piece in his space is his book Working the Water. Now on it’s third printing, Working the Water, “is a visual narrative of the lives of those individuals whose livelihood is directly dependent upon the Chesapeake Bay — America’s largest estuary," Jay writes.

Jay Fleming

What I enjoyed most about our visit with Jay was the passion he has when speaking about those who work on and live off of the Chesapeake Bay. His goal through creating the book is for us to never forget the hard working roots of our maritime culture, and the fragility of the bay, its inhabitants, and its marine life.

In my opinion, he is doing an amazing job at fulfilling that goal!

Don't miss Jay's latest exhibit, Working the Water: Photography by Jay Fleming, open September 4th through November 3rd in the Marino Gallery at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Click here for more information.

Check out Jay Fleming's website for more information on this talented, local photographer and to order a copy of Working the Water.


Videography and photos courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image.