TrevorTimWhite_FeatureImageTrevor and Tim White grew up in Annapolis not too long ago. So it will be especially meaningful for them to return to their hometown to show their first feature-length movie, Jamesy Boy, a headliner at the second annual Annapolis Film Festival. Trevor, 28, directed and co-wrote the script; Tim, 31, produced the drama, based on the true story of a young suburban gang member who finds redemption in jail, of all places.

While growing up, the brothers' interests diverged greatly. Trevor was attached to his film camera from the time he was 10, while Tim was a nationally ranked tennis player who studied political science in college. After college, the two moved to Hollywood and launched their own production company, Star Thrower. Recently, Trevor took a break from his busy schedule to talk with us at VisitAnnapolis about the journey he and Tim have made from their childhood in Annapolis to a budding film career in Hollywood.