Warmer months call for outdoor living! Spring through fall, we’re spending more time on the water and around town so why not take your exercise routine outside with you. The feeling of being stuck in a gym can be hard when you have sunshine envy of those out and about. There is everything you could need to take on outdoor fitness in Annapolis from yoga to running clubs and organized team sports leagues.

Here are a few suggestions for how you can up your wellness game in the great outdoors whether it be adding it into your daily routine living in this city, or if you're looking to break free of the hotel gym during your end-of-summer trip!


Find your center and happy place with Blue Lotus Yoga. This summer, the boutique yoga studio is offering 3 weekly outdoor classes on the floating platform at Annapolis Sailing School. These classes are for yogis of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your practice to the next level. The floating dock adds just the right amount of challenge to your typical indoor yoga studio. Plus, the view of downtown Annapolis and the Bay Bridge in the distance brings serenity to this outdoor yoga experience.

Outdoor Fitness Image courtesy of Blue Lotus Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Take your fitness routine to the water! Capital SUP (short for: Stand Up Paddleboarding) provides classes that include boot camp, pilates, and yoga for all interests and abilities. Paddleboarding has taken Annapolis by storm in the last few years and the team at Capital SUP is at the helm when it comes to turning a casual paddle into a full-body workout. The challenge of balancing on a paddleboard can be just enough for some, but if you need a bit more of a workout, join the party on the water during their festive dance classes! If you feel like you still need to prepare a bit more before jumping on a board, check out this recent video also on Annapolis Discovered! 

Outdoor Fitness Image courtesy of Capital SUP

Running Clubs

While some outdoor fitness activities include expensive equipment or scheduled classes, running is an easy and effective go-to outdoor workout. Join the Annapolis Striders community if you prefer to keep your exercising on dry land! Whether you’re training for a race or just looking for a jogging buddy, the Striders organize events and find like-minded people in the Annapolis area. For only $25/year, membership benefits include year-round training programs, pre-pay/registration for races, monthly socials, volunteer opportunities and more.

Outdoor Fitness Image courtesy of Annapolis Striders

Biking Clubs

If you’re looking for a workout that involves two wheels, check out the Annapolis Biking Club. Similar to the running club, the bike club is only $25/year and well worth the benefits. Annapolis Biking Club offers weekday rides in addition to special events throughout the riding season. Riders of all levels are encouraged to join the club thanks to various distances and difficulties in rides through the scenic Maryland landscapes.

Organized Adult Team Sports

Looking for a bit more of social life with your workout routine? The Club Waka Kickball and Flag Football leagues allow you to get in that bit of exercise before heading over to a local bar for extra innings. Waka offers organized team sports year-round, but the most popular, kickball and flag football, are outside during the warmer months. The teams are co-ed and most people don’t take the competition too seriously, but joining a league is the perfect blend of meeting new people and outdoor fitness!

We only have a few more months before the bitter winter cold starts to set in. It’s never too late to join a club or take a few more classes under the hot sun while it lasts!