“Education should prepare you for all of your life. It should make you a more thoughtful, reflective, self-possessed and authentic citizen, lover, partner, parent and member of the global economy.”

Winter Lecture Series St. John's College

St. John’s College, which was founded in 1696 in Annapolis, Md., is the third-oldest college in America. They have what the modern world would deem as an unconventional way of teaching. With a rigorous educational program based off of classics from the Western canon rather than a chosen curriculum, students at St. John’s are provided the fundamental tools to be forward thinkers.

For the betterment of their students and their commitment to future students, St. John’s College has announced that they will be lowering their yearly tuition from $52,000 to $35,000.

Check out this article by Frank Bruni of the New York Times to learn more on how St. John’s is challenging the status quo in order to enrichen the lives of young adults: The Most Contrarian College in America.