This month on Jeremy’s Drink of the Month, I beg the question, “What is the quintessential drink of Maryland summer?” The other day, I opened the door to my car, which had been stewing in the summer sun, and was received with a blast of steam heat. I started the car and rolled down the windows. It wasn’t any cooler outside. I began fever-dreaming of freshly squeezed citrus, its crispness, a delightful little dance of sweetness on the tongue. I went to another place, where that sweltering heat acted no longer as a nemesis but became a backdrop upon which to commune with the true drink of Maryland summer: The Orange Crush.


The Boathouse at Anchored Inn, a boat converted into a bar and restaurant

The Boathouse at Anchored Inn

Last week we were lucky to be able to meet with Ashley Hangliter, co-owner of The Boathouse at The Anchored Inn and purveyor of a hell of an Orange Crush. The Boathouse’s central bar is a refurbished waterman’s boat and oozes character. The boat bar reflects the marina’s long history in shipbuilding. Ashley is the third generation of boat builders in the family. Located in Deale, just a short hop from Annapolis, Boathouse is a breath of fresh air in South County. Featuring regular live music, a fantastic food truck, no shortage of locals, and, of course, a hell of an orange crush, Boathouse shouldn’t be missed. They don’t just sling orange crushes, either. Boathouse also offers Grapefruit Crushes, Lemon Crushes, Hybrid Crushes, Skinny Crushes… you get the deal, there’s a crush for everyone.


A girl holding two  drinks


The Orange Crush

  • FRESH SQUEEZED Orange Juice
  • Svedka Orange Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • A splash of Sprite

Videography and photos courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image.