I know, I know, that headline is misleading. Why? Because who has just ONE pie for Thanksgiving? How can you decide on just one flavor? Who has that kind of discipline? Definitely not me nor anyone I know.

Thanksgiving is meant for waking up to good smelling things coming from the kitchen, the Macy’s Day Parade on TV, football, wishbones, family, friends, stretchy pants and pie. Lots of pie. The kind that you can eat the following morning for breakfast with abandon as you online Black Friday shop in your bunny slippers.

You could make your own. Sure, you could. You could print off a recipe from the Pioneer Woman or Ina Garten or Giada, go spent $50 on the ingredients, curse halfway through at said chef for making it look so easy on television, and serve it with a side of regret when you realize it would have been a lot easier buying a few beauties for the same price.

So how about you do just that. Support your local Annapolis area business this Thanksgiving holiday, and purchase a pie or three from one of these places below. I took all the work out of it for you. Just do me one favor: save me a piece, will ya?

The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market (aka: “Amish Market”)

Flavors: cherry, blueberry, apple, caramel nut apple, pecan, peach, very berry, peach, blackberry, raspberry, coconut custard, strawberry rhubarb, shoofly, pumpkin,

Order By: No special orders. Plenty of pies to purchase during special hours of Tuesday November 25th (9-5) and Wednesday November 26th (8-5)

Location: 2472 Solomons Island Road, Annapolis (Annapolis Harbour Center)

Thanksgiving Pies

Great Harvest

Flavors: pecan, pumpkin, Dutch apple, tollhouse pie (think a deep dish tollhouse cookie), sour cream blueberry, sour cream cherry

Order By: November 23rd

Location: 208 Ridgely Ave., Annapolis

Chef Big Money

Flavors: apple, apple cranberry, bluesberry (yes, blues), cherry, peach, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, sweet potato 

Order By: Stop by the Farmers Market by November 23rd or text him: 443-223-2895

Location: For Thanksgiving, pick up can be at his home (text him for address). Normally can be found on Saturday mornings at the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market.

Thanksgiving Pies

Chick and Ruth’s

Flavors: Strongly recommend the pumpkin or apple caramel walnut. However, all flavors can be pre-ordered: apple, black bottom, butterfinger, cherry, Dutch apple, mounds, pecan, banana cream, cheesecake, cherry crumb, oreo, blueberry crumb, coconut cream, peach crumb, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate peanut butter

Order By: November 25th

Location: 165 Main Street, Annapolis

South County Café

Flavors: apple, blueberry, cherry, cherry cheesecake, chocolate meringue, key lime, lemon meringue, mincemeat, peach, pecan, pumpkin, rum pecan, sweet potato

Order By: November 27th. They will close at noon on Thanksgiving.

Location: 5960 Deale Churchton Rd. Deale

Main & Market

Flavors: apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan

Order By: November 25th by noon

Location: 914 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis

Gluten Free Bakery Girl

Flavors: pumpkin, apple, apple cranberry, maple bourbon pecan or walnut (all gluten-free!)

Order By: Sunday, November 17th

Location: While she is located in St. Michaels, you can pre-order and pick up your pies at the Annapolis Market House on Monday, November 25th

Thanksgiving Pies

Double T Diner

Flavors: You name it!

Order By: November 26th Diner open until 3 on Thanksgiving

Location: Seven locations in the area. Check the website for the closest one.

Nautilus Diner

Flavors: assorted fruit, chocolate cream, lemon meringue, Boston cream, coconut custard

Order By: Walk in and order

Location: 1709 Transportation Blvd., Crofton