If you were born in the 21st century, chances are you get most of your news and information via the web. You probably even know what a social media influencer is. So, if I told you a story about certain stars of YouTube with more than a million subscribers, you'd probably be interested.

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu (and nearly one-year old son, Lenny), have literally been sailing all over the world for the past five years. Their blog shows more than 88,000 miles (so far) and much of it shown in the video they post almost every week about their amazing travels across the seas.

It all started when Elayna began making short travel videos as they first started their travels, not knowing what it would eventually evolve to be. Wanting to share their travels, their videos made their way to YouTube where over just a few short years, their numbers climbed and now roughly 1.15 million subscribers tune in to see what's next, vicariously living through the couple.

The content is amazing, offering patrons and subscribers a true taste of sailing around the globe. This past October, they sailed into Annapolis and showed up at the 50th United States Sailboat Show. We sat down with them to talk about coming to the Chesapeake Bay and visiting our quaint historic town.

The pair was an amazing asset to the Sailboat Show and thousands, yes thousands, flocked to their booth and waited over two hours to meet them.