Nestled between downtown Annapolis and the South River Bridge is Yellowfin Steak & Fish House, a spacious waterfront spot with all the tasty views and eats you need to savor the rest of summer. 

YellowfinYellowfin is sure to accommodate any culinary curiosity, with everything from lunch to dinner, to sushi and brunch. They’re famous for their happy hour, however, and I’m always one for making my time happier. (We arrived at noon, but I didn’t let that deter me. After all, any hour can be happy hour if you want it to.) Yellowfin makes this even easier with a happy hour offering from 4 to 7 every day. That’s right, even on the weekend, folks!

The sun was shining, but the heat was mild, and there was a nice breeze was coming off of the South River. Once I stepped inside, the cooling effects of their air conditioning were instant. I really thought it might be the coolest building in all of Annapolis, and for more reason than one. Immediately I was put right in the mood for one of Yellowfin’s $5 Moscow Mules. Along with $4 draft/craft beers and house wine, you can get your happy-little-sip-on with $5 house margaritas as well.

YellowfinAfter libations, the food was served. I started in on the Thai Shrimp Egg Rolls ($8), a generous serving of shrimp, carrots, daikon, cilantro, and Napa cabbage all wrapped up in an easy to grab roll, and fried to golden perfection. I love sauces and tend to believe that every finger food should be accompanied by at least one, and this dish does not disappoint with sweet chili and spicy mustard aoli.

Next was a new Yellowfin specialty - the Street Tacos ($8). You can choose from chicken, shrimp, or salmon on corn tortillas and as a *bonus*: it can be made gluten-free! Almost all of the happy hour items can be made to accommodate a gluten allergy along with many dishes from the main menu. But back to tacos. I loved the authentic set up: two warm corn tortillas under a simple filling of shrimp, onion cilantro relish, and lime wedges. It came with pico de gallo and a jalapeno ranch on the side, and I especially enjoyed the pieces of fried green onion they provided.

Last but not least was the Poke Bowl, and it was a show stopper to say the least. (Matt Snowden the General Manager was kind enough to spoil me with the grander version of the Tuna and Salmon poke, which are both available on their happy hour and a must-try.) This boat is certainly big enough to share, and comes in the coveted sushi boat that is the goal of any 'sushimonger' (guilty!). The stern is lined with sliced cucumber with mounds of tuna poke, tobiko topped rice, seaweed salad, and salmon poke up the center and flanked by fresh slices of avocado. The bow contains the pickled ginger and wasabi. It’s a meal in itself and is good to the last bite. 

YellowfinI was certainly pleased with our selection, but can’t wait to come back and try everything else from the 14+ item happy hour list, all ranging from $5 to $8. Come by boat or car, but definitely come with your appetite. 

Photography and videography courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image