Maryland Avenue Shopping

Art Shopping this Holiday Season

Old-fashioned holidays sometimes feel like a thing of the past, what with gift shopping promotions starting two months early and everyone shopping for online deals. Cyber-shopping has reached an all-new and frenzied high… and can give us a lot of anxiety along the way! Patrice Drago, Beginning…

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4 Must-See Annapolis Visual Arts Exhibits in November

Are you ready for the Annapolis visual arts scene this month? There’s so much going on, it’s hard to know where to begin, but if you have time I’d fit as many in as you can. If you only have time for four or five, I have some recommendations in the “do not miss” category. The great news is these are…

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Annapolis Loves Marine Art

“Waiting for Stronger Winds,” by David Turnbaugh, at the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery Love is in the air this month, and one thing Annapolis absolutely loves is Marine Art. Marine Art is any art that depicts ships and the sea. This art genre also includes portrayals of small boats, lighthouses…

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