Maryland Avenue Shopping

Artist Mark Peria’s Colorful Birthday Surprise

A text from Charles Lawrance came across Mark Peria’s phone: “Can you help me in the gallery?” Mark headed over, parking his car near their Annapolis Arts District co-op gallery, FinArt, but a familiar Pennsylvania license plate caught his eye. He spotted his friend Jim, who made a surprise trip to…

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Local Artist Charles Lawrance and FinArt

I love interviewing artists. The story behind the artist is almost always multi-dimensional and adds another lens through which to see their work. This was true of my discussion with Charles Lawrance. It was an easy conversation; he’s a soft-spoken, even-tempered guy. His work stands alone of…

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Waves of Creativity on the Chesapeake

We’ve all stared into the blank abyss. Whether it be a sheet of paper, a computer screen, or a canvas staring back at you, we’ve all had our share of creative blocks from time to time. My new favorite solution? Break for fresh air and head to the water with my SUP (stand-up paddle) board! Whenever…

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