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Meet Annapolis' Newest Artist: James Houlcroft

"Australian in America. Adult impersonator. Ostrich Enthusiast. Educator & Occasional Artist. All funds from sold works go to procuring gourmet cheeses,” reads the Instagram profile description of James Houlcroft (a.k.a. Houl) – Australian artist currently residing in Annapolis, Maryland. I find…

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Local Artist Kelly Blorstad

The gallery doors at ArtFarm (45 West Street) could barely open the evening of Kelly Blorstad’s exhibit release party. As I forced my way through the entrance, I strained to set my eyes on the novice creator. Skirted by family and fans, she was hard to see. But in between the head of a friend and…

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Meet Local Artist Kim Hovell

Annapolis has become known for art and imagery surrounding the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Among maritime-inspired art, you’ll mostly find visual representations of sailboats, lighthouses, crabs, and of course, the water itself. Local painter, Kim Hovell has chosen a different inspiration – the…

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