Maryland Avenue Shopping

Brunching Around Annapolis

Sunday Brunch seems to be climbing to the top of the list of America’s favorite dining-out meals – and brunch in Annapolis is no exception. We have a growing list of options downtown and beyond. This month, I focus on some personal favorites – most within walking distance of the city’s major…

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It's oyster season in Maryland!

October 1 through March 31 oysters “R” in season in Maryland, which means now’s the time to enjoy the state’s freshest oysters. News Radio 1090, WBAL reporter John Patti filed a special feature Time To Belly Up To The Oyster Bar, as he reports on the new oyster aquaculture operations in Maryland and…

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The World Is Your Oyster in Annapolis this Winter

Oysters, with their luxurious texture and long-standing reputation as aphrodisiacs, are ideal Valentine's month fare. And where better to enjoy them but Annapolis, where oysters have been entrenched in the local culture for generations? Starting in the 19th century, "Annapolis was home to several…

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