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George Washington Resigns and Goes Home

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland. December 23, 1783 To relinquish power voluntarily is a rare act—an act that requires integrity, dignity, and immense vision. What kind of person willingly gives up control over an entire nation? Courtesy of Ann Powell George Washington was such a person. He was commissioned by…

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At the Top of Annapolis’ World

There are 149 steps to the top of the State House dome. As I climbed to the top, my fear of heights – which oddly enough manifests itself as a fear of steep and narrow staircases – kicked in on or around step five. “Did I mention I’m afraid of heights?” I said to my companions, my colleague Laura…

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Thank Goodness for the Treaty of Paris

Can you imagine what it would be like today if the thirteen colonies had lost the Revolutionary War? There would be no United States, and we would be living under British rule. Sounds like the basis for a new Netflix original, right? Well, happily we don’t have to imagine that unfortunate outcome…

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