Maryland Avenue Shopping

In Annapolis, Gone But Not Forgotten

There’s so much history you can see in Annapolis. It’s in the architecture, the bumpy brick sidewalks and the plaques honoring a building’s old age. In a town lauded for its historic preservation, it can be fun to recognize all that has disappeared...or, in certain cases, simply been hidden from…

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Sipping Rosé in the Annapolis Springtime

Springtime is just gorgeous in Annapolis, as the town starts to wake up from its long winter’s nap, with sails unfurling, people hanging out near the water and flowers blooming in baskets and beds all over town. Those colorful flowers make me think of just one thing: rosé. The pink wine, not the…

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Romantic Restaurants in Annapolis for Every Couple

Valentine’s Day turns our thoughts to heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses—and a romantic dinner with our significant other. Aware that the choice of a restaurant for such an occasion is influenced by age as well as wallet, we’ve come up with a variety of ideas on Annapolis restaurants…

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