If you've wandered around downtown Annapolis lately, chances are you've run into some very large and decorative chickens. These oversized works of art aren't just fun to look at. They're roosting here for a reason.

What's with all the chickens?

In 2012, chickens were ruffling feathers around Annapolis. As the Fresh Food Movement gained ground, legislation was passed allowing Annapolis residents to have up to six chickens in their backyard for fresh eggs. A&E Patron, Gavin Buckley and Jody Danek—owners of the outstanding local farm-to-table restaurant/bar/art & music venue, Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge, Tsunami, and Lemongrass —hatched the idea for the public art campaign. They have worked closely with the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County to secure participating artists and sponsors and see the project come to fruition as the chickens hatch.

While the chickens are certainly fun to cluck about, they also represent the start of a greater West Street Renaissance. Be a part of harvesting up-and-coming talent, promoting collaboration between artists of all crafts and skill-sets, and showing Annapolis residents and visitors the vast possibilities of the Arts & Entertainment DistrictTake a picture in front of the chicken of your choice, use #Cluck4Art and post to Instagram—here's a map of where each of the chickens is located. Then, click on our Facebook page and check out all the cool images of chickens, yours included.

West Street Chicks