During these challenging times, Annapolis-area restaurants have come up with a host of creative ways to continue satisfying the foodie in all of us. Many of your favorite Annapolis eateries are serving up their most popular dishes for curbside pickup, take-out, and delivery. To make it easy, Downtown Annapolis Partnership has compiled a list of participating restaurants. Now’s also the perfect time for making online gift card purchases for future use!

Restaurants by Neighborhood

courtesy of Annapolis Discovered

Maryland Avenue Meals To-Go

"Maryland Avenue is one of my favorite streets in Annapolis, and one of my favorite places to wind away an afternoon or evening.  While things are different these days, here are places you can get a taste of the Avenue to go." Read more on Maryland Ave and State Circle eateries HERE.

Eastport Eats

"Coping with social distancing and the virus it’s intended to fight is having the silver lining of bringing the people in our community together in unusual ways that will continue to benefit us when the current crisis abates. If you live in Eastport or in a community near it, you’ll find that many restaurants nearby are ready and willing to accommodate our shared need to eat. Read more about Eastport restaurants HERE.

Hungry? West Annapolis Has You Covered!

"as a lifelong Annapolitan who grew up in Admiral Heights, the neighborhood just across Rowe from West Annapolis, and caught the school bus on Annapolis Street, in the heart of the district, I’m happy to report that there are plenty of great dining destinations hidden away in this under-the-radar region. Better yet, nearly all of them offer carryout, delivery, or both, making now the perfect time to try one. Or two. Or three. Or nine." Read more for a little taste of each HERE

 The Wonderful (Food) World of West Street

"If you really want to experience as many different cuisines as possible, you can follow the advice of newspaperman Horace Greeley (or whoever actually first said “Go West, young man”) and go West – that is, go to West Street. Yes, the 2.5-mile stretch from Church Circle, at the top of Main Street, to Solomons Island Road includes plenty of national fast food franchises, but it also offers over a dozen unique local restaurants to discover. And, for both their employees’ sake and yours, the majority of them are offering their eats (and in many cases, their drinks!) through some combination of carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery." Read more for a heaping helping of highlights HERE

Look for even more participating restaurants in the VisitAnnapolis.org Directory HERE.