Finding the right place to stay for any trip can make or break the whole experience. Here in Annapolis, there are tons of options that accommodate everyone in your family or group and help make the most out of your getaway.

Annapolis Hotels

With more than a dozen major hotel chains in the downtown and greater Annapolis area, finding a well-respected premier hotel to stay is easy. Whether you’re with the whole family or a significant other, Annapolis' hotels offer accommodations for all types of travelers. 

All located within a short drive to the bustling streets of downtown (and a few located in the heart of downtown), these accommodations combine the familiarity and comfort you’ve come to expect from bigger hotels with the convenience of close proximity to all the things to do in downtown. 

You’ll find names like Marriot, Hilton, Hampton, Westin, Loews, and more, all set within the city limits of Maryland’s historic capital. Find a hotel now.

Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

“Only in Annapolis” Options

Looking for an exceptional stay in a historic building? A quaint, friendly B&B? How about a night or two spent aboard a chartered boat in the Chesapeake Bay? Maybe you’re looking to stay for a while and need an extended stay property. Again, Annapolis provides plenty of options. 

Downtown Annapolis is home to more original 18th-century buildings than any other U.S. city, making a stay in an inn, B&B, or hotel in the historic district that much more enticing. Many of the city’s B&Bs reside in centuries-old buildings and offer easy, walkable access to all the major attractions of Downtown Annapolis. 

Book a room overlooking the Annapolis Harbor, or get a little adventurous and sleep on the harbor itself. That’s right: climb aboard a sailboat and spend the night being rocked to sleep by the currents of the Chesapeake Bay before enjoying a sunrise with breakfast. 

If you’re thinking of staying a while, there are many extended stay options available in the area, ranging from waterfront properties to renovated houses built in the 1700s.

Mix Business with Leisure

Annapolis proudly boasts a number of full-service hotels capable of hosting events of any type or size. From conferences to meetings, weddings to class reunions, there’s a hotel that can handle not only the event, but the logistics of finding comfortable rooms for all in attendance. After business is finished, why not take some time to enjoy the city? Take a guided tour of the city or of the Naval Academy. Try your hand at sailing. Experience the thriving Arts District. Don't forget about the over two dozen art galleries in town, along with historic pubs and taverns, a talented live music scene.

Enjoy your stay!