Maybe you’ve been walking the brick-lined streets of historic Annapolis on a chilly day in January with breezes blowing up from the bay. Or perhaps you’ve been sailing in the Frostbite Race series with other hardy winter sailors, enduring the frigid spray of the Chesapeake Bay. Or, possibly, you’re simply looking for that extra something to make for a truly special dinner for two.  Whatever the case, there’s nothing like a crackling fireplace to add ambiance, warmth and romance to a dining room in wintertime.

In Annapolis, you have your choice of restaurants that feature these wonderful additions to any style dining establishment. Here is a sampling of them. 

Fireplace at Blackwall HitchBlackwall Hitch – The fireplace at Blackwall Hitch (400 6th Street) in Eastport is within steps of a long, ship-shape bar and an intimate concert space, making it an ideal venue to curl up for great music with a handcrafted drink. “The Hitch” is renowned for a broad menu defined by Chef Zachary Pope’s dedication to fresh ingredients and emphasis on simple but classic gourmet technique. It is also popular for its location just across the Spa Creek Bridge, a large parking lot and a topside patio with views over the Severn River all the way to the Bay Bridge.

Carrol’s Creek – The fireplace in Carrol’s Creek (410 Severn Avenue) anchors the lounge area, where comfortable sofas define the hearth, and where locals like to gather for Happy Hour. First come, first served.

Middleton Tavern – Middleton’s (2 Market Space) has four fireplaces: two in the downstairs dining area, and two in the private space upstairs. No reservations. Special requests and priority seating.

Café Normandie – The lone French outpost at 185 Main Street in downtown Annapolis is beloved as much for its Steak Frites as it is for its cozy gas fireplace. Reservations when possible. Priority seating.

Chart HouseChart House – A roaring fireplace at Chart House (300 2nd Street) adds to the stunning waterfront views at this casual eatery best known for happy hour drinks and small plate specials. First come, first served.

Pusser’s Caribbean Grille – At this Caribbean outpost in downtown Annapolis (80 Compromise Street), appreciated for a broad menu and excellent drinks, the gas fireplace is set in a beautiful hand-carved mantel. First come, first served.

The 1747 Pub at Reynold’s Tavern – Located in the basement of Reynold’s Tavern (7 Church Circle), 1747 Pub is the oldest tavern in town. The fireplace here is original to the building, and is located in what was formerly the kitchen.

Fireplace at Iron RoosterIron Rooster – What could be better than breakfast any time of day, especially when it means entrees like fried chicken on house-made biscuits with raspberry jam or homemade tarts the size of a plate? The fireplace at the Iron Rooster (12 Market Space) is in the upstairs dining room. Surrounding tables have a fine view over Market House and City Dock. Reservations are accepted on weekdays. Weekends are first come, first served.