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Wilder Catering

1825 George Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401
(443) 510-3722

About Wilder Catering

Wilder Catering is a boutique catering company created by the owners and chefs of The Wild Orchid Café 1995 - 2014. The Wild Orchid chef and creator Jim Wilder and wife Karen operated the restaurant and the catering division Company’s Coming Catering for 20 years in a white bungalow located in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis, Md. Many awards and tributes were garnered by the Wilder’s including Washingtonian best 100, Baltimore Best, Wine Spectator and many What’s Up awards for most creative cuisine.

Chef Wilder has been attributed with bringing the local movement to Annapolis and continues his passion by working with many local meat, cheese, dairy, seafood, produce, honey and bread providers and growers. Karen Wilder is a passionate baker and fine detail chef herself and together they pride themselves on their original from scratch usually local menus and cuisine. When you contact the Wilders for your event whether it is a wedding, dinner party or company gathering, expect something unique!