Crofton sits in central Anne Arundel County, 10 miles west of Annapolis and 24 miles south of Baltimore. It is centered around the planned community of Crofton proper, developed in 1964, which boasts the Crofton Country Club, several churches and schools, parks, ponds, and many other local amenities. 

In 2007, Money magazine named Crofton as one of the “100 Best Places to Live” in the United States. Indeed, with its diverse housing options, proximity to major cities, as well as the many local recreation, restaurant, and shopping options, Crofton is a popular choice with commuters and families alike. 

A hidden gem of Crofton is located in the sprawling Crofton Park— a 200-year-old house called Linthicum Walks, located on a property owned by the Linthicum family since 1672. The house is preserved and maintained by The Friends of Historic Linthicum Walks.