Location: Iron Rooster, City Dock

Iron Rooster has become an Annapolis favorite since it opened in October of 2014. Located in the heart of Downtown Annapolis, with views of the City Dock, it serves as a perfect spot for all-day breakfast. Aside from their stellar homemade pop-tarts, their drinks menu is a perfect compliment to any meal or any day strolling through the streets of Downtown.

Drink: Iron Rooster Bacon Bloody Mary

Bartender: It's not everyday that the owner of the restaurant and bar is the one making your drinks. Owner Kyle Algaze was so gracious to tend to us as bartender and serve us the beloved Bacon Bloody Mary.

The Mix: Svedka Vodka / house mix / pickled asparagus / bacon / olive / old bay rim




The reaction:

Out of the 10 cocktails on their drink menu, the Iron Rooster Bacon Bloody Mary has become an all-star and it's easy to see why! I am not a big Bloody Mary drinker, but this drink is AWESOME!!! It's a perfect blend of tomato, spice, bacon and Old Bay! This Maryland girl is very happy!

Virgin Bacon Bloody Mary?: Yes, indeed. Ask for a virgin Bacon Bloody and your wish will be granted!

Kyle’s Fav Cocktail: Outside of the Bacon Bloody Mary (of course), Kyle's favorite drink is a scotch and water.