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Discover the BWI Brewery Trail

By Susan Moynihan

Fall is in full effect, the weather is beautiful, and I am ready to watch the leaves turn and well—fall! If you are like me, fun in the Autumn sun is a much-awaited part of the year. As always, Anne Arundel County is bringing the best fall festivities to soak up the sun and have endless fun.

Like most American cities rich in colonial history, Annapolis has its fair share of statues honoring white men who played a central role in it. A few of the most visible include one honoring Baron Johann De Kalb, a German-born Revolutionary War hero, outside the Maryland State House, and another

If you’re one of the million-plus visitors who stroll the Annapolis City Dock each year, you will have noticed the sculptures of a man reading to three enthralled children. This sculpture is part of the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial, which commemorates Alex Haley, author of Roots , and his

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