Bears aren't the only ones who hibernate throughout the winter. As soon as the birds begin to chirp and the flowers begin to blossom, the boats around Annapolis find their way out of their plastic shrink wrap and into the cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay. When Annapolis Discovered had the opportunity to see two of the most well-known and beloved boats on the Bay shed their cocoons for the upcoming sailing season, we knew we had to film it!


The Woodwinds are 74-foot schooners and are well known on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. During the winter, the boats are hauled out of the water and shrink-wrapped with plastic so the crew can continue to make repairs and get the boats ready for their next sailing season. 


One of the Woodwind's crew takes off the plastic wrapping.

One crewmember removes the plastic shrink wrap from the deck of Woodwind II.


But, when Spring arrives, the plastic is removed, packaged, and recycled. The plastic is packed into bags and sent to the Marine Trades Association of Maryland, where they send it off to be recycled into items such as plastic decking and latticework. Nothing is wasted!


The Woodwind crew holds up the bag of recycling from the boat unwrapping.

The plastic shrink wrap is neatly folded, put into bags, and then sent off for recycling.


With Woodwind and Woodwind II back in the water, it's safe to say that the official start of the sailing season is underway! To book a sail on one of these majestic schooners, visit their website; they start sailing on April 15th!


Woodwind and Woodwind II being unwrapped from their winter hibernation.

The Woodwinds hibernate in Bert Jabin's Boatyard in the Eastport section of Annapolis during the winter months.


Watch the full interview with Captain Jennifer Kaye and tell us in the comments when you will be booking your sail this season in Annapolis. We can't wait to see the Woodwinds sailing again on the Chesapeake Bay!