Maryland Avenue Shopping

The Woodwinds, Sailing into Spring

Bears aren't the only ones who hibernate throughout the winter. As soon as the birds begin to chirp and the flowers begin to blossom, the boats around Annapolis begin to find their way out of their plastic shrink wrap and into the cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay. When Annapolis Discovered…

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Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals

Electric powered Duffy Boats get you and your family on the water for relaxed cruising along the Annapolis waterfront. Greg Horne is the owner of Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals. His boats are the only boats in Annapolis that you can Captain yourself! After a brief tutorial, these battery…

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8 Ways to Savor Annapolis this September

Bourbon Heritage Month September is Bourbon Heritage Month! As a bourbon drinker, this is an exciting month for me! In recent years, I've enjoyed getting to know more about the drinks I enjoy - their history, how their made and the best ways to drink them. Annapolis has become a great town for a…

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