It’s unique when events combine the best of both worlds. Certain things like sports and chicken wings just so happen to go better together but, have you ever mixed wellness and art? The historical Hammond-Harwood House is bringing the two together in an exciting series kicking off on Saturday, May 23. Studies show that integrating art into your life shows an improvement in mental, physical and spiritual well-being. So, why not learn more on how to add both into your daily life?

Hammond-Harwood House. Photo courtesy of the author.

Founded in 1940 as a private organization by Winnifred Gordon, the Hammond-Harwood House Association’s mission is “to preserve, for public education and enjoyment, the architecturally significant Hammond-Harwood House museum and its collection of fine and decorative arts.” This historical house and museum has created a living legacy through its foundation. Giving back to the art world in a variety of forms including donating scholarships and funding for students at MICA and also providing awareness of the arts through this creative Art and Wellness series.

Dining Room at the Hammond-Harwood house. Photo courtesy of the author.

This particular 90 minute segment will consist of art exploration and a tour of the 17 works of art of the Peale family followed by a workshop by our very own local wellness guru, Lisa Consiglio Ryan, owner of Rasa Juice shop. During this session, guests will learn more about the colors and themes of the 18th century artwork and finish off with a lesson on healthy juices and how to integrate them into your life. Guests will go home with a juice provided by Rasa and the knowledge to take forth to add health into your every day life through art and healthy food choices.

"Callahan Girls" artwork by Peale. Photo courtesy of the author.

Charles Willson Peale of Chester, Maryland was an 18th century painter. Peale was given an incredible opportunity to study under Benjamin West in England and eventually came back to Annapolis. He became mostly known for his beautiful portraits of top figures of the American Revolution from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington. Upon his return to Annapolis, Peale mentored and taught his family including James who became renowned for his miniature paintings on ivory and nearly 100 still-life’s. Other notable artists from the Peale family include some of the first well known female American artists including Anna Clay Peale and Sarah Mariam Peale, nieces of Charles. After fighting in the revolutionary war and moving his family to Philadelphia, Charles opened a museum - one of the first in the country.

Ballroom of the Hammond-Harwood House. Photo courtesy of the author.

Explore the Peale family’s extraordinary impact on American art with at this "Just Peale and Juice" event at 10:30 on May 23rd. Space is limited with about 20 spaces available. Other events in this series to be on the look our for include “Material Culture Mindfulness” on August 1st and “Stretch and Sketch” on September 5th. All events will include a workshop as well as exploration of the arts.

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