The Declaration of Independence was sanctioned on July 4, 1776. Signed by 56 delegates to the Continental Congress, the Declaration announced that the America's thirteen colonies would now be regarded as thirteen independent, sovereign states – no longer under British rule. This was the first combined step towards the formation of the United States of America. Of the signers, four were from Maryland and have houses here in Annapolis that are still in use.

Declaration of Independence Peggy Stewart House

William Paca, Thomas Stone, Samuel Chase, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton took the risk of losing their lives, their land, and their fortunes for the chance to secure the liberties of the American people’s future. A risk that surely paid off.

Declaration of Independence William Paca House

To celebrate July 4th and these four Maryland Signers, I took a stroll around Annapolis to visit the houses that are attached to each of them: William Paca House, Chase-Lloyd House, the Peggy Stewart House, and the Charles Carroll House.


Photos courtesy of Video courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image