In our household, the school year is packed tight with endless after-school activities and obligations, making for a frenetic pace of life. It’s nice to be able to switch gears in the summer, slow down, pack a picnic, drink some ice cold lemonade and listen to some live music with the whole family. In Annapolis, we’ve got just the place.

Each summer, our family eagerly looks forward to the outdoor music concerts at Quiet Waters Park (600 Quiet Waters Park Rd, Annapolis, MD). Fresh air, relaxing evenings, and great music—what’s not to love? My kids learn to appreciate all types of music under the stars, from the symphony, to folk, to bluegrass. And it’s free! Time seems to slow down as we tap our feet to the music with friends, and happy strangers, all around us.

To extend the fun a bit more, sometimes we will make a longer afternoon or day out of it, and enjoy the other amenities at Quiet Waters Park, such as the numerous trails and lovely playground for the kids. It’s not uncommon to find us playing a little Frisbee, or kicking the ball around in a pick-up game of soccer. The kids especially enjoy the views of the South River at various points in the park. Ahh, summer in Annapolis.

Plus, by arriving to the concerts early, we take advantage of better parking and a chance to scope out a prime spot for stage viewing. By the time the concert rolls around, we are ready to sit back and let the evening’s beautiful environment envelop us. We kick off our flip-flops, the kids blow bubbles, and we all pet the friendly dogs that people have brought along for the show.

This year the concerts will start in early July and culminate in a concert by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra (ASO) the first weekend in September. The ASO is my favorite of the shows. With immensely talented musicians, they provide a joyful and often patriotic experience for the crowd. Besides the ASO, the summer will include music for all kinds of fans, including rock, country, blues, bluegrass, funk, and lovers of talented singer-songwriters. One evening will showcase pop music from the popular US Naval Academy Electric Brigade Band. In my experience, the genre doesn’t seem to matter. The night is always unique and entertaining. I’ve never seen a bad show, and the family always has a wonderful time. In fact, if the schedule allows, we try to attend as many as possible.

Now I’m daydreaming about spreading out my picnic blanket, getting comfortable in my lawn chair, and enjoying some of the best music the area has to offer. I hope to see you there.

For more information about the musicians playing at Quiet Waters Park this summer, or other questions about the concert series, visit the Friends of Quiet Waters Park website.


Photo courtesy of Friends of Quiet Waters Park