Elayna and Riley are the dynamic duo behind the wildly popular Youtube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde. The Australian couple, and their adorable son Lenny, have a love for both travel and sailing, which they document for their audience of over 1 million subscribers. The most impressive thing about their journey is the fact that they had no previous experience — they have been learning as they go.

The La Vagabonde crew visited Annapolis (by boat of course) and shared their thoughts on what most call the sailing capital of the world! Check out their journey - which allows you to see some of Annapolis’ favorite offerings through the eyes of a tourist. Watch as they explore local landmarks, like the Naval Academy and the Annapolis Maritime Museum, as well as local dining gems like Sailor Oyster Bar, Iron Rooster, and more. It proves that Annapolis is a great day trip by boat, or in Vagabonde’s case, weekend to week-long stay!

To see what they're up to now, check out their channel: www.youtube.com/c/sailinglavagabonde