Maryland Avenue Shopping

The Adventures of Sailing La Vagabonde

If you were born in the 21 st century, chances are you get most of your news and information via the web. You probably even know what a social media influencer is. So, if I told you a story about certain stars of YouTube with more than a million subscribers, you'd probably be interested. Riley…

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Where to Eat During the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show

Can it be that the first in-water boat show debuted in 1970 at the Annapolis City Dock? This annual harbinger of spring marks its 49 th birthday of the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show on the weekend of April 26-28. Having grown from a few boats moored beside Ego Alley to hundreds of craft connected…

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Boat Maryland Week Preview

The boating season in Annapolis arrives with the spring equinox, and by April the town is absolutely bursting with pent up energy. Sailors, powerboaters, paddlers, one and all, have looked longingly out at the water all winter. At long last the sun is shining, the Bay is thawing, and the warm days…

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