Maryland Avenue Shopping

A “Guardians of the First Amendment” Salute

When Founding Father James Madison envisioned what became known as the Bill of Rights, he must have had good reason to address freedom of the press as a crucial part of the first of ten Constitutional amendments on his list. Why we have a First Amendment at all will be the central theme at 10:00…

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Meet Local Artist Christian Smooth

If you aren’t familiar with young filmmaker and photographer, Christian Smooth, you should be. Recently noted as one of the Seven Anne Arundel newsmakers to watch for in 2017 by the Capital Gazette, Christian and I have known each other since high school. In school, he was known for his records in…

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Solo-Trio with Dominic Fragman

Looking for another reason to experience Annapolis' local music scene? Dominic Fragman – member of local band Swampcandy – is doing something not many people have witnessed; playing the guitar, drums, and singing all at the same time. Dominic calls it a “solo-trio." Back in April, the Capital…

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