Maryland Avenue Shopping

Art & the Maryland State House

History is the Maryland State House’s biggest lure for visitors. Fine art is easily overlooked when standing under the great dome of the only state house ever to have served as the US capitol. George Washington Comes to Town When you’re soaking in the aura of the restored Old Senate Chamber…

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Celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Annapolis

Credited as the first site of city-organized horse racing in the colonial times, Annapolis is home to the oldest sporting association in the United States – The Maryland Jockey Club. Founded in 1743, this club regulated the sport of horse racing in Maryland and hosted the first race within its…

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George Washington Resigns and Goes Home

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland. December 23, 1783 To relinquish power voluntarily is a rare act—an act that requires integrity, dignity, and immense vision. What kind of person willingly gives up control over an entire nation? Courtesy of Ann Powell George Washington was such a person. He was commissioned by…

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