More and more people are becoming aware that the Annapolis art scene extends well beyond paintings of crabs and sailboats.

There are some of us who have always known that, such as native Annapolitan Jimi Davies. Not only is he helping raise that awareness by creating Up.St.Art Annapolis, one of the best art magazines in publication; Jimi also is an integral part of the rich Annapolis artistic fabric and one of our favorite locals around town.

As a musician of national note, he’s been a part of the music scene here since the 80s when his band Ten Times Big played at Armadillo’s in downtown Annapolis. As a visual artist, he leads art projects with children, and his masterful artwork can be found in the Annapolis Collection Gallery and other locations in the Arts District and beyond. If you have never been to Annapolis, you might have heard his music or seen him in MTV music videos during his days with the rock band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, which recorded on a national label. Now he is working on a solo album, “Mend the Hollow”.

Jimi is easy to be around. He is comfortable in his own skin and around other people. Throw in his quirky sense of humor and you’re hooked. When asked about his work as an artist, musician, creative director, he says, “I know what I’m good at and I know what I’m not good at. I have clever ideas, I am good with words, and I’m a good performer. In truth, I am a Jack-of-all-Trades. I learn by being around and working with people that are better than me.”

A family man (he is married and has a school-aged daughter), Jimi has a lot going on, and I wanted to know how he manages to do everything so very well. So we sat down for coffee at 49 West Coffeehouse in the Annapolis Arts District for a casual and really enjoyable chat…