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Patrice Drago


Patrice Drago is an artist and writer originally from New York, now residing in Annapolis. In addition to her experience in the arts, she has a background in the hospitality industry and travel, which inspires her to help others find great experiences. Primarily an abstract artist, she works in all 2D media and in a variety of styles inspired by her love of the water, animals and the natural world, as well as the urban landscape. She is on the Board of Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) and has been writing the monthly Gallery Column for the Capital Gazette for nine years. She has been blogging for Visit Annapolis since 2015. You can find Patrice's work at
Local Faves:

MFA Circle Gallery

Paul's Homewood Cafe

Galway Bay

Patrick Dougherty – International Environmental Sculptor

If you’ve been on the Maryland Hall campus, you’ve probably noticed the magnificent, giant oak tree near the Nature Sacred meditative labyrinth. If you haven’t, you’ve got an exceptional reason to do so now. The tree is in the process of being surrounded by a growing, awe-inspiring sculpture being…

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African American Watermen of the Chesapeake

Did you know that the Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States? It is a cornerstone of environmental and economic activity of the more than 18 million people living in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, which stretches from Virginia and West Virginia to as far north as New York…

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KA-CHUNK!! Records

The music scene in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County is a well-established, seemingly low-key but intense amalgam of devoted musicians, music-lovers, and genre adventurers. One store in downtown Annapolis is an example of how deeply this passion is embedded. KA-CHUNK!! Records is for those who…

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BWI and Beyond - a Mecca for Art

Respective Perspectives in the International Art Gallery at BWI. Photo courtesy of BWI. There’s nothing like seeing really good art in unexpected places. Most visitors and residents of Anne Arundel County are familiar with the vibrant art scene of Annapolis. The net of exceptional art is actually…

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Quiet Waters Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Artist Joe Barsin created this commemorative poster for the 30th anniversary of Quiet Waters Park. Photo courtesy of Anne Arundel County. When I first started looking at houses in the area in 2002, the goal was to get outside the hectic pace of life inside the Washington Beltway. Our real estate…

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The First Sunday Arts Festival: Redefined

Aerial view of First Sunday Arts Festival on West Street. Photo courtesy of the Annapolis Arts District. The First Sunday Arts Festival, simply known as First Sunday to many, is one of those things Annapolitans have come to rely on and take for granted. Even for those who don’t set out to attend as…

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Auctions and Lotteries: Art in the time of COVID-19

Katherine Burke and Jay Fleming at the Annapolis Collection Gallery. Photo courtesy of Annapolis Collection Gallery. We are all in varying stages of transition on the path to whatever will be our new normal, and for many it's starting to take shape, however slowly. The Annapolis area galleries are…

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Annapolis Galleries Rally to Keep the Art Coming

Hello, art lovers! Are you missing your trips to the galleries and the fun exhibition events? In need of some quality distraction from the steady stream of news and info about what’s happening right now? Or perhaps you’ve gone down the Facebook rabbit hole of hysterical animal videos for hours on…

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